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PROGRAM NAME             P.N.A.P. (Pennsylvania Nurse Peer Assistance Program)


ADDRESS AND                   258  Wolfe Lane

TELEPHONE                       Irwin, Pa. 15642

NUMBERS                            Phone :  877-298-7627

Fax :      724-446-7081

                                                E-Mail: ksimpson@pnap.org

OFFICERS                           Mr. Robert Rossi, R.Ph., President

                                               Mrs. Kathie Simpson, Director of Operations


ELIGIBILITY                      Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Anesthetists, RNS, LPNS and Nursing students


CONDITIONS COVERED Chemical Dependency; Psychological and/or mental

BY PROGRAM                    disabilities such as depression and bi-polar disorder


GOVERNANCE                  The Governing Body is the Board of Directors, which

consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and five Directors. Two members of the S.A.R.P.H. Board of Directors will sit on the P.N.A.P. Board for the first 5 years to lend their experience. These members are Robert Rossi, R.Ph. and Ken Dickinson, R.Ph. The Director of Operations, who is a licensed Registered Nurse will also sit on the P.N.A.P. Board. The additional Board members will be comprised of Nurses representing various levels of nursing practice. The service provided by the Board of Directors is done on a volunteer basis.  P.N.A.P. will also utilize the services of other volunteer nurse peer monitors located geographically across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. 


ROLE OF THE                     The President provides leadership and has decision making

PRESIDENT                                     authority for P.N.A.P.  The duties of the President                                                               include:

         Updating the requirements for implementation of the program;

         Acting as a liaison to the Board of Nursing in Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania’s Professional Health Monitoring Program (PHMP);

         The President is a signatory on the treatment/monitoring contract for nurses or nursing students;

         Conducting the Board of Directors meetings and other business for the P.N.A.P. program;


ROLE OF  THE                    Facilitating the day to day operations and administration of

DIRECTOR                          the P.N.A.P. Program. Full time paid position.


ROLE OF PEER                  The peer monitors voluntarily act as colleague support  MONITOR                                    persons for participants under the monitoring contract.

Each monitor continues to have active contact with the participant until the participant completes the program.


                                                Program participants may be considered for eligibility as

                                                peer monitors after having satisfactorily completed the

                                                P.N.A.P. program.


TRAINING PROVIDED    Attendance at the University of Utah

School on Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependencies; C.E. programs on addictions. Director has a minimum of 10 years experience in chemical dependency treatment and certification in addictions counseling. Experience in psychiatric treatment preferred.


RELATIONSHIP WITH     Our State Board is supportive of our program.  P.N.A.P.

BOARD OF NURSING       was awarded the contract to develop and manage the Pennsylvania Nurse Peer Assistance Program as outlined in RFP No. 107-R-1939051 granting us the privilege of being the officially recognized program for licensed nurses and nursing students in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Cases will be referred to us for enrollment by employers, the PHMP and the Nursing Board, as well as self, family and friends. If there are no criminal convictions against the “Federal Controlled Substance Act or the Pharmacy Act, the Board will not generate a public record of the proceedings and will ultimately dismiss the case after the participant satisfactorily completes the P.N.A.P. program.  The General Service Office provides P.N.A.P. with a partial funding grant. Participants are required to pay an annual administrative fee.


MONITORING                    A standardized contract with a three-year term similar to requirements outlined by PHMP Board ordered Consent Agreements is utilized. Random Observed Body Screens are used to determine abstinence is being maintained.  (We may require urine, serum, blood, saliva, perspiration or hair testing in fulfillment of this requirement.)